…aren’t singers and addicts who die.

I am so SICK of hearing about Whitney. Why? Because soldiers are dying every day overseas for our freedom.

Just the thought, the mere thought, of any government agency giving her a half-mast flag pisses me off so entirely that I want to choke someone. Ok, I won’t, but the feeling is there. How dare they even contemplate that? She died. Don’t get me wrong, I would never wish that on anyone. Death is hard for those left behind and there’s nothing to be done about it, but save the mourning for the immediate family! The public can get on with its life, thank you very much.

Heroes are the men and women serving our country. They leave their homes, their families, their pets and their loves just to make sure we can live the way we do.

Someone died for me today, without ever even meeting me. I will try to live up to that.

People, stop crying over Whitney. Start looking at the heroes who are actually heroic and deserve a half-mast flag.

I have had my rant. You may continue your Monday. That is all.

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