Be A Pirate…

…by dressing like one.

Like the outfit? Want to know more about the lifestyle or accouterments I have on? I’ll share. No reason not to, in my opinion.

1. The Hat: ok, there’s no hat here, but you can be adventursome on this one. Go look up pirate hats. You’ll get quite a few response on search engines. And, hats add personality. Choose a style you like. Mine that you see in other pictures? It’s leather and is a “musketeer” style: a la one side of the brim is pinned up. The rest lays flat.

2. The Chemise: I get mine from a local store in Saint Augustine. They do web orders, though. Click on ’em to see. Or, just look for nice cotton cover-ups from stores like Old Navy. They work well, too.

3. The Bodice: again, there are so many styles to choose from. Mine comes from a supplier in California. Click here to see them!

4. The Leggings: perfectly acceptable to wear a skirt. My leggings come from Target. Cheap is sometimes the best way to go since you wear them all the time.

5. The Boots: mine have heels. Go find a nice pair of boots. Best bet is They have an amazing return policy and you can shop from home.

6. The Goblet: pick up any style you want; metal lasts the longest so long as you don’t get pewter. It’s soft and not safe for alcoholic drinks. But no pirate worth salt doesn’t have a mug ready for rum, right?

7. The Accessories: go all out on this one. I carry everything from 1700’s handcuffs and small glass bottles to pouches and Letters of Marque. A knife or two is always a nice touch, too. The sword is always worth a little money since it could save your life.

8. The Leather: is always the best part of an outfit. Don’t get cheap goods. Get stuff that will last. At least this way you can feel good about it carrying swords and monies. Best bet? A little leatherworker here in Saint Augustine. Lifetime guarantee. Need I say more? Click here for his shop!


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