The Pirate…

…is always right. 

Finding a place in the Renaissance Faire Circuit at an early age, I grew up working as everything from bar-maid to lady-in-waiting. Normal parents, siblings, nothing strange there. After attending college in the state of Florida, I found Saint Augustine. The nation’s oldest city. Now, there’s no other role for me than pirate.

Dressing in everything from leather corsets to waistcoats, I entertain the town’s tourists when they come on by and visit my local haunt, the Taberna de Gallo (Tavern of the Rooster, in English). Certified to play with fire, I often give black-powder demonstrations between songs. Oh, yes, I sing. Bawdy, rather adult versions of sea-shanties and work songs. Just what any hard working patron wants to hear at the week’s end.

I found a soldier to love after attending “cannon school”. He was one of my teachers. Different upbringing, different idea of how to dress. Very different idea of  how to earn a living, too. Different as we were, I kept him close by and found myself in love not too long after being first courted by him.

It’s all very romantic, really.


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