…is always such an innocuous term.

But I suppose everyone wants to know. The world today is filled with drama and need-to-know tidbits. Might as well fill the gap, don’t you think?

A Pirate and Her Soldier was started after a long internal debate. I didn’t want to embarrass my Soldier, but I love making fun of myself. So, my need to vent and dribble won out overall.  The idea isn’t so much to display sappy love themes all the time, but to give fellow pirates (and soldiers) something to consider. Whether it be the local news, worldwide events, or just good times to be had. Yes, there will always be commentary about the relationship at the basis of the blog, but that won’t be too obvious, I hope.

Let’s face it: two people who have fallen in love do not always have the support of those around them. That can lead to arguments, compromises and various sundry discussions. Maybe that’s what this blog is really here for. A big, open-minded and rather random discussion about life, the universe, and everything. Let’s start on small topics now and get into bigger ones later. As for the love story, we can cover that in small bites, too.

So, join in. Give me your thoughts and ideas. Otherwise, this whole discussion idea won’t be much more than an internal monologue. Boring, since I can’t keep arguing with myself forever.


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