The Soldier…

…carries the big guns. 


Growing up in the Midwest before moving to Florida, he wasn’t looking for a job as a soldier. It just kinda found him. The Castillo de San Marcos, Saint Augustine’s reigning national monument, became his home. Built by Spanish in the late 1600’s, it now stands full of Park Rangers and living historians. He’s one of them, fitting into both categories. Wearing wool, linen and leather, he portrays a soldier. A man who vowed to protect the town from any who would hurt the denizens.

Being a soldier, one job is to train any who wish to learn the trade. After a couple of cannon schools, all the students looked the same. So, he would teach, work, drink and sleep in cycle without anyone to disrupt it. He liked his life. Safe, law-abiding and quite predictable. The residents found him to be one of the better soldiers. Young, interested in the job he performed, and more than willing to lend a hand to tourists and locals alike..

When the redhead showed up, she didn’t fit into the town’s standards. She was different. And teaching her how to handle a cannon was perhaps considered some form of taboo. But, he did. And the more he talked to her, the more he realized how different they were. And how much they enjoyed each other’s company. Asking her out to dinner changed everything.

Except how people felt about her.


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