Georgia Peaches…

…don’t stand up to the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

Food. And more food. And then some more food on top of that. There’s a reason you can eat whatever you want at a Renaissance Faire – you’re walking all day long looking at vendors. You burn everything off. Wonderful, isn’t it? I don’t care if Georgia is known for peaches (and pecans, I learned). The Faire food is the best thing that state has to offer someone like me. It’s not that I love peaches less, I just love Faire food more.

Again, I was met with wonderful friends at opening gate. As per tradition, we made a bee-line directly to the Peacock Room. Now, this is a little tea room at the very tippy top of the faire grounds. Wonderful food and company.

The first day: bleh – the waitstaff were wonderful, but the kitchen was slow. I sadly never got my triffle or pastie that first day. I was forced to leave and find nourishment elsewhere. I was sad, frustrated, upset! I love the Peacock Room. The tea is amazing (a secret blend). The food is amazing. Everything had always been amazing. But I was sadly out of luck for the first day of the 2012 season. The rest of the day, I felt off without the warm sherry-soaked triffle in my tummy. I did get steak on a stake though and it was delicious. The chocolate-covered-softball-sized-strawberries were a highlight for me, no doubt. After Faire, the gang met up at a little Mexican Cantina. Enchiladas and nachos galore! Cheap, wonderful ethnic food that I can’t get anywhere but Georgia.

The second day: YAY! The Peacock Room got their act together. I was told they stayed up late Saturday night to get everything to Pirate-standards. The tea service was fast, smooth and tasty. The Cornish Pastie was gooey and warm with fresh veggies and chicken. The crust on it was flaky and buttery. My highlight was the triffle. I ordered the Ambrosia Triffle with sherry. And I was not disappointed. The sherry wasn’t overpowering. The strawberries were fresh and a beautiful shade of red. The fresh whipped cream was fluffy and rich. Best of all, the vanilla pudding was creamy and made everything go together over the pound cake. I will say this: the Peacock Room did a complete 180* turn overnight. Now that is service! My tummy was full of happy sherry-soaked cake and strawberries and thus the remainder of the faire day was spent in bliss.

Like I said: the food at a Renaissance Faire is second-to-none. And, as far as gourmet and decadent, affordable and elegant, the Peacock Room is the way to go. I am happy to say that the Soldier and I will be stopping by once we head back up. And, if you’re in the GA Ren Fest, be sure to stop by at the top of the hill, tucked away, and try the Peacock Blend Tea and the Ambrosia Triffle with sherry. You won’t be disappointed.

Then spend the rest of the afternoon walking off the calories you didn’t even notice. The food was that good. No guilt trip needed.

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