I’m Getting Married…

…but I don’t want a “costume” wedding!

The proposal happened at the Georgia Renaissance Faire that I so love, and the first ones to know I was engaged were King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. There was much rejoicing that weekend, and of course a few happy tears on my part. It was all very romantic and not at all theatrical, so it wasn’t what I’d dreamed about, but it still ended up being perfect.

The wedding will be in October of 2013, so there is plenty of time to get everything situated. Perhaps the hardest thing is making the wedding reflect us as a couple. A pirate and a soldier, getting married, would of course spark some interesting themes…

But I refuse to have ours be a costume wedding. I don’t want my guests buying cheap Wal-Mart pirate costumes to attend. I want formal. I want luxurious and elegant! I don’t even want to see a corset (even if my dress has a lace-up, it is NOTHING like my leather corset and in fact is more comfortable than it, too!). We have our venue already, I have my dress already, and I know what the dress-code is going to be: black-tie formal. My idea isn’t to make the wedding about our choice of work uniforms, but rather reflect the 1700s as a time period. There will be candelabras at each table and everything is “gilded”. The ceremony and the reception will be at the same location and even though it is a country club, I’m hopeful the decor will get us away from that preppy feel.

Making a huge part of the theme is my logo – the cannon and the cutlass crossed. I’ve actually had that logo turned into a wax stamp and bought all the wax to be stamped. My invitations will be parchment paper with a wax seal denoting the officialism of the document, just as in ye olde days!

As a pirate, I want to maintain my independence and style, but there is the fact that the soldier and I will be starting a life. We will have arguments, we will work through them, and our love will keep us in line. That’s what this whole marriage thing is about – making a new life out of two, there has to be some give and take, but each side remains its own self to a certain extent. He will always be the diligent, law-abiding soldier who doesn’t like taking risks. I will always be the brash and adventurous pirate who relishes a little bit of danger. It all becomes very yin-yang, but the general consensus amongst friends is that we’re perfect just the way we are. Even if they didn’t think it, I would 😉

Oh, BTW, the ring is beautiful!

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