…happen when you least expect them.

While the Soldier and I were talking with a friend, some woman decided it would be fun to grab the knife from his belt.

Ahem. Excuse me?

Yeah. While walking past us, behind him, she reached to his belt and, while giggling, pulled the 15″ blade from its sheath. About a third of the way out, his hand clamped down and he was asking her just what exactly she was doing. Still smiling and laughing, she thought the whole ordeal was funny. Needless to say, we didn’t think it was. The knife she grabbed is notoriously sharp and rather enormous to begin with. Not to mention that she just invaded my Soldier’s space. So, while I stood there in a moment of silent shell-shock, the Soldier told her exactly how stupid she was and how ridiculous her action was. His voice was raised (understandably so), and he was trying to get it into her thick skull that the item she’d tried to tug at wasn’t a toy at all. Her excuse, the entire time, was:

“You’re in costume! I thought is was a fake toy!”

Really? Do we look fake? Do we work in Disneyworld? No!

Needless to say, things got heated when her husband jumped in and told my Soldier that he needed to respect his woman. Really? Because isn’t she the one who invaded someone’s personal space to “playfully” pull a “toy” from their belt? Practice what you preach, bub. At his accusation, I stepped in and the Irish New-Yorker came out in me. I don’t have red hair for nothing. Like a bulldog, I was verbally all over this dude for insinuating that my Soldier wasn’t in the right.

The whole altercation perhaps lasted five minutes. It ended with the Soldier being the bigger man of us all and soothingly telling the opposing meat head that he was sorry for yelling, but that the woman had indeed grabbed a very sharp weapon from his belt and shouldn’t attempt to do any such thing again. He punctuated that with a wonderful display as to just how sharp the blade was. The poor palm frond never stood a chance. They departed and went their own way after apologzing as well…

But here I am, fuming, ready to tackle the idiot. I don’t do well with altercations of any kind. I have to keep a level head because I’m expected to, and more often than not armed with some form of weapon. Now, the Soldier did get me calmed down eventually, but it was after I’d stormed off and away. The idea of those idiots not being tackled and hauled off in an ambulance bothered me so. No matter what circle you’re in, you should know better than to touch someone else’s belt and tools, and especially their weapons. It’s basic common sense. And treating the weapons as toys? That woman is the reason that law-abiding citizens can’t arm themselves without getting heck for it. Someone like her didn’t take it seriously and, thankfully, this time no one got hurt. But if she had, you can bet that the Soldier or myself would have been held accountable. All because of her stupidity.

Sigh. I guess you can’t fix stupid, can you?

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2 thoughts on “Altercations…

  1. Raven Campbell

    dear god almighty….what would posses a person to touch something that did not belong to them? Never in a million years would I think to touch anything on a persons garb (or costume) without first asking if it were ok…thats just a matter of common sense or respect…let me guess…the woman in question views re-enactors as pets, zoo creatures or living breathing touchable items…she is lucky she didnt lose a hand…Im sorry if I am ranting but that pisses me off and I wasnt even there…you handled it better Than I would have….

  2. Hee, I was *this* close to not handling it well at all. I wish people would understand there just because I’m dressed up, that doesn’t mean I’m fake! :Sigh: But hopefully the woman realized to never do something so reckless again.

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