…is one of the best words to hear in this town. 

When the whole reenacting community comes out over the course of a weekend to play with fire, sell homemade wares and camp out, life is awesome. Especially from the viewpoint of a pirate. I get to watch them have all the fun and I get to relax while they sweat and work their butts off. What can I say? I’m an opportunist.

As for “fuego”, that’s the Spanish command to fire. So, hearing that word means something’s about to go boom. And, If I’m lucky, I’ll get a shot like this more than once (which I did this past weekend!)

This is the pretty, shiny and oh-so-gawk-worthy shot of a dozen soldados firing directly at the Government House as a tribute to the 1740 Siege. More importantly, the fact that St. Augustine survived the siege. That part is what merits the big to-do.

Taken without a flash at 8:45pm, I was impressed at just how clear this picture came out. Usually, flash-shots look more like a beer-goggle vantage point. Happily, this one was the cream of the crop for the night’s events.

So, enjoy gawking!

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2 thoughts on “Fuego…

  1. I just moved to Ponte Vedra. I’ll have to come and check this out!

    • The next big Shindig is Drake’s Raid in June. I’ll be posting more about it as we get closer. As for moving to PV, welcome! You’re close enough to come have fun – hope to see you around St. Auggie!

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