…is a word I love hearing!

Jollification means (in this town) that we get to have a night full of drinks and friends. All of us dressed up and ready to have some fun. While this is more of a reenactor thingy than a pirate thingy, I tag along because of the Soldier.

Last year there was a roast pig with the best freshly baked bread you could ever want. And cookies. Homemade cookies in lemon, almond and cinnamon flavors. All baked fresh at a local restaurant called The Spanish Bakery. Couple that with wine, sangria, beer and Chatham Artillery Punch, and it’s a party in the making. A non-pirate party. They don’t usually take kindly when I dress up and join them as a pirate.

The reason for Jollification? Tonight it’s about the Spanish Night Watch (Grand Muster). Some of the local groups get together and put on a torch-lit parade through town all decked out in their 1740s finest. On Friday night, they lead night-time tours through the Castillo de San Marcos portraying the siege of 1740 by General Oglethorpe. We even get to fire the cannons at night (pictures – Coming Soon!) which is always more impressive than when they’re lit off during the day. As far as entertainment, you can’t beat this since it’s free. There’s a twinge of historical education, but the gist of the event is about see interestingly-dressed folk parade around town. Line up anywhere downtown tonight and you’re bound to see something out of the ordinary.

During it all, I will most likely be incognita once again while I play the photographer. Guess it’s time to play “Where’s Anne?”. You spot me out of pirate-gear, you get a prize!

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