Perhaps Today…

…will be a day for funnier topics.

While photographs aren’t so serious, they portray a serious subject. And the talk of alcoholics and objectification aren’t exactly light and cuddly. So, this is a day for fluff. I have decreed it.

The first thing that pops into my mind is how incredibly busy I’ve been, but that doesn’t seem fluffy. Then I think about how my day job goes…but no fluff there, either.

So, pirate jokes. Anyone know any? We’ve all heard them. If you dress up, there’s bound to be at least one person who thinks they’ve got a joke you haven’t heard yet. You grin and bear it and give them the punchline they think you’re ignorant of, all while wishing it would stop. I didn’t ask to be a joke-tester! Stop it, tourists! I am not infinitely patient. I will snap at one of your corny jokes and sail off to some deserted island where there’s not one person to tell me jokes.

Some of the worst or most heard

  • What subjects are pirates best at in school? – Arrrithmetic
  •  What’s a pirate’s favorite fast food chain? – Arrrby’s
  • What is a pirate’s favorite style of socks? – Arrrgyle

The list goes on and on, and all the answers have Arrr somewhere in there. Please spare me! I can’t take it anymore! I’m sure there are some truly great, funny and hip jokes out there, but I just can’t tolerate ’em anymore. I think being joked at for so long has killed my joke tolerance as a whole. It’s sad, really. Corny jokes, good jokes, even sexy jokes…they’re all lost on me now.

The moment someone says: “I’ve got one for ya!”, I tune them out without ever realizing it. I smile and nod and couldn’t tell you what I’d just heard.

Please, I beg of you: revive my passion for jokes. I’ve lost it amongst the sea of tourists in my town…

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