…and a redheaded one at that.

So, I don’t dress pirate for Saint Patty’s Day. That’s just too much stereotype for one day’s drinking, thank you very much. I do wear green just so I don’t get pinched all day. And I usually abstain from drinking like a camel, too. Don’t misunderstand me, I love SPD just as much as you, but being a pirate during all that tends to just get me into trouble.

I did it once. I played a pirate once on SPD. And I didn’t have to pay for a single drink that day. All was well until…around mid-afternoon. Usually, my lack of cash/finances keeps me from running up a big tab and a big bill. Moderation by poverty, as it were. Since I wasn’t paying, there was no moderation. And, by noon, I was rather silly. I had gotten myself started at around 10:45 am with a nice hard lemonade (they rock at any time of day, really) and by noon couldn’t count the number of drinks I’d had. I was off from work, didn’t have a scheduled shift until the 19th, and was ready to rumble. So, I kept going and never saw a single tab. That part was nice. But, needless to say, I still wasn’t feeling right come my shift on the 19th.

I didn’t do anything stupid or illegal, and I didn’t drive home drunk. I survived and that counts as a win in my books. Although I’m sure everyone would love to hear more anecdotes about a drunken red-headed pirate on SPD, I don’t really have any. I remained vocal and silly all day, but never fell down or got in a fight. So, I pretty much avoided that whole stigma of drunken-pirate. Let me put it this way: I was alert enough to put on more sunscreen once the sun came out. Fair white skin and all, I turn into a lobster before turning back into a creamy white spectacle.

At any rate, go enjoy today and have a drink on me. Be safe! And have fun, but that part goes without saying.

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