…are hard on even us pirates.

Everyone is so busy this time of year. Crunch time! Get that paperwork in before Uncle Same slaps you in the wallet. Just because I’m a pirate doesn’t mean I get away from that same hassle. I promise.

More often than not, I get my taxes done as early as I can for two reasons: the deposit gets back to me quicker and the burden is lifted. Sadly, that doesn’t mean I don’t get away from the overall pain-in-the-butt that is getting all my documents together. I have to contact one place for the 1099 over here, and another company that hasn’t seen me except for last NewYear’s Eve party for my statement over there. Nothing is ever sent because, and I have had this response said to me, they believe: “I thought you were just some tax-evader pirate”.

Now, this might be funny in hindsight, but the reality is that there is a whole misconception with how being a pirate operates. If you have wares to sell, you have a regular business. But someone in the business of singing and giving tours doesn’t really have any other option than to be an independent contractor. Sadly, though, some people still don’t consider what I’m doing to be “legitimate”. They think I just ignore my taxes all willy-nilly and get along with being a free spirit. WRONG!

I have as much obligation as the next to pay taxes. And, yes, I do get upset that some people can evade taxes because they’re rich-enough to. I get upset that my taxes support drug-infested slobs and they continue buying drugs. If you’re truly down and out, that’s what the system is there for. If you just feed off it, never contributing but always taking, then you’re the true pirate. I make my money honestly and I pay my taxes honestly. I am a businesswoman acting as a pirate. Not a pirate acting as a businesswoman.

And, not to make you panic, but you’ve only got a month left. Good luck!

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