Little Things…

…you might find interesting.

  1. I hate ice in my drinks. I like soft drinks and “iced” tea at room temperature. I don’t know when this happened, but I quickly realized that ice in my drinks is just an annoyance. I prefer the full flavor with no dilution from the ice. Even water, I’d rather it be room temperature. The Soldier makes fun of me and wait staff generally “remind” me that “The tea’ll be warm, is that okay sweetie?” Well, duh! I ordered it that way, silly! I don’t want it cold! It makes it harder to chug.
  2. I love circus peanuts. Those neon orange fluffy sugar thingies that you get at drugstores. They’re dangerous and often responsible for my sugar highs. I’m nomming on them right now as I write this, and each nibble is offset by room temperature water, thank you very much!
  3. When I was 21, champagne with ice cream cake was a legitimate dinner. My friends and I would pop open a bottle, sip like ladies, and indulge ourselves to a mini Carvel Ice Cream Cake with the little crunchies. While this wasn’t so good for my waistline, it did wonders for my social life and my mood.
  4. Blessed with a phonographic memory, I can memorize anything I hear more than once. Often, when I sing, this comes in handy. Most folk are perplexed that I have no book, no reminders for the words…it’s all in my head. I can even recite conversations back to people after they’re done. And, if I try really hard, I can recite all that even after I’ve had a few sangria.
  5. I don’t drink beer. Everything else is fair game, but no beer for me.


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