…offering tours!

If you didn’t notice, I’m now offering pirate tours. That doesn’t mean you have to listen to pirate stories, but more that I’ll be dress as a pirate when I show you around town.

Licensed tour guides in Saint Augustine tend to specialize in something. Ghosts, food, basic history. But I want to give a wide description because honestly, I can cover a wide range of topics. Being licensed by the city means you’ve had to study and take a test just to be allowed to give tours. I had planned to give tours way back in 2009 when I’d first started visiting Saint Augustine, but just now finally got around to  it. Considering I’ve done as much as I have in the past 3 years, I’m glad I waited. I know so much more about the city now than I did then. People love to hear the stories. About working a pirate ship, about learning to fire cannons. If I hadn’t taken the last 3 years to learn and do so much, I wouldn’t be very good at conversation. At least not interesting.

So, the term “pirate-for-hire” is perfectly applicable now. I can offer up history, pirates, food, even ghosts. Honestly, I’d love to give tours about the piratical history of the town, but I know that’s not everyone’s sandbox. So, I’ll take whatever topic you want to give me and run with it!

Just another way to pay the bills in Saint Augustine! If you’d like more information, there’ll be a new page tab on the top of the screen saying “Tours…”. Click on that and we’ll go from there. I hope some of you decide to journey with me around this town, because it really does have so much to offer.

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