…doesn’t mean I don’t get my picture taken, too!

I was fairly comfortable in my jeans-tank attire this past weekend. In fact, I’m glad I wasn’t in the corset. The heat and humidity was record-worthy. And, I was running around taking pictures of Searle’s raid. I will have pictures to show, I promise. But the idea is funny.

Someone recognized me off my Anne Bonny Facebook page even with the civilian clothes. Go figure! Here I am, minding my own business, snapping pictures, and a gentleman stops me and says “You’re Anne Bonny!”. I was a little startled. I didn’t know how to react. I’d never been called out before when I wasn’t in character. Strange, to say the least. In hindsight, I feel bad. I didn’t say much of anything, just smiled and confirmed his realization. Then, right back to taking pictures. I wish I had been ready for that.

The idea of being Anne Bonny is interesting. I’m not used to being in civilian clothes and getting the¬†notoriety. That comes along with the weapons, leather and boots. So, has anyone out there gotten something similar? Being recognized as a pirate while you’re in a drab outfit? To be honest, I was mussy that day. I don’t know how he recognized me! One of my friends snapped a picture, and it’s a far cry from the usual pirate me. And, looking at it, I could stand to take about 5lbs out of my chubby little baby cheeks… sigh.

At any rate, whoever you were (and you said your name! eek), please let me know! I’m sorry for not saying much of anything, but I was incredibly startled and at a loss for words. That is the first time I’ve been recognized while going undercover as a photographer! I didn’t mean to slight you, and I wish I’d been more friendly.

Perhaps that is the bane of being known. You’re not always ready for the idea of people just knowing who you are. Is this how the pirates of old felt? I doubt it; pictures weren’t so available and the description, I’d imagine, could be widely elaborated. Today’s technology allows us to see people from every angle, in every way. So, we’re barraged with recognition. With unintended fame. Strange, since in a town so small as St. Augustine, you start to get used to it. Perhaps it was more the lack of recognition on my part that startled me. Either way, I might have to work on that!

Truthfully, going incognita makes taking pictures so much easier. Maybe I need to invest in some huge Hollywood-esque sunglasses to keep my identity hidden. I could be like a reverse Clark Kent…and I did get changed out of the pirate garb in my car. So that’s not such a strange idea. He had telephone booths, I have a roomy sedan. And getting out of that corset inside a car is no easy feat!

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