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I had a nice little post about the Do’s and Don’ts of being a pirate. Allow me to further this on some fronts. I understand some people want to get out there right away, but please take time to dress right!

When I said to wear cottons, linens, leather and wool, I MEANT IT! Nothing is cheesier and hokier than a pleather and crushed velvet outfit. Not only are these materials obscenely hot and uncomfortable, they’re also nothing close to being awesome. I can accept children wearing these materials, but adults? Really? You’re better than that! And, the natural materials are comfortable. They’ve lasted this long through history for a reason: they work. Plan on being outside all day? Wear cotton. If it’s really hot, wear linen. Layer all three fabrics for the winter and add on a layer of leather if need be. Those four main materials will sustain you. I promise. If not? Try silk. That’ll do the job where everything else may fail.

Unless you're his age, don't wear these clothes! Too cute, isn't he?

Now, that’s not to say you need to dress historically accurate. I don’t. My materials are correct. The manner in which I wear them is not. This is what separates me from the reenactors and living historians. Before you all go pointing to my shapely legs and the leggings on them, I would like to point out that those are cotton. Yup, 99% cotton with 1% spandex. That 1% is negligible (unlike today’s economy) and will be explained below. The chemise? Cotton. The bodice/corset? Leather. The wrap? Cotton and silk.

Another reason I insist on wearing those items? SAFETY! If you’re going to fire anything (a cannon, your pistol, or your musket), you need to wear natural materials. Synthetic materials will melt to your skin if the embers from the blast hit you. You will have to go to the hospital and get your skin cut off along with the fabric if you’re not careful. Wearing natural materials eliminates that fear. So, your choice: Melting your skin or staying fashionably safe. My 1% spandex in those 99% cotton leggings will not melt. So, there’s no issue.

Biggest pet-peeve? That brown, mottled, fake leather that they use for Halloween costumes and cheap “outfits”. Unless you are cute and 5 years old…I will end you should you wear it!

Class dismissed. Now go and dress well!

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2 thoughts on “Clothing…

  1. William

    I don’t think its a problem if it’s someone who can only afford that or just wants to have fun and just spend a little bit of money. No harm in that.

    • Well, we’re not talking about “just having a little fun”. We’re talking about people who do this for a living and/or are interested in being authentic and awesome. If it’s your 21st birthday party, go buy the cheap clothes. If you want to be safe and comfortable, then my guidelines are just that – guidelines! Thanks for the opinion, though! (But seriously, that mottled brown fake leather drives me nuts 😉 )

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