Do’s and Don’ts…

…of being a pirate.


  • know your pirate/privateer history. Nothing is more embarrassing than being uninformed about who you’re portraying.
  • carry real weapons; they make you way cooler.
  • get used to being “arrgh-ed” at; no one ever comes up with anything new.
  • get used to scaring and/or enthralling children
  • have good leather – it lasts and lasts and will age beautifully.
  • give yourself time to get ready.
  • wear cottons, linens, leathers and wools as your primary clothes-materials.
  • learn to be insulted from time to time – people don’t often understand what you’re doing and therefore think you’re a college drop-out, an alcoholic, or both.
  • master a vernacular that’s both accurate, but unique – your own accent, as it were.



  • get drunk every time you dress up; you’re just making the rest of us look bad; a drink here and there is fine, but stumbling drunk isn’t flattering on anyone!
  • carry plastic weapons. Just don’t.
  • threaten children – their parents don’t like it.
  • wear velour, crushed velvet or pleather – they didn’t have it and neither should you!
  • think that you’re untouchable by the law.
  • let kids handle your real weapons.
  • buy a Walmart Halloween costume and think you’re ready for the big leagues.
  • call others’ clothes a “costume” – those clothes probably cost more than you want to imagine. The proper terms are “garb”, “ensemble”, or “outfit”. “Kit” is acceptable but usually denotes historically accurate clothes.
  • quote Pirates of the Caribbean – those lines are so overused!
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2 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts…

  1. David Klapholz

    DO: Learn the lingo. ‘Avast’ is not a greeting. ‘Line’ is NOT the same thing as ‘rope’.

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