…is a nice way to end the week.

Whether it’s a dirty song or not, singing always releases all the stress, all the frustration you might have with life. At least, all of it that built up since the last time you sang. It’s the same with me. I was able to sing last night even though the weather wasn’t so perfect. It was drizzling all day, but the temperature was tolerable. So, I sang.

I didn’t know I could sing until the last few years. Up until then, I had never gotten any support from friends or family, and they can’t be blamed because I didn’t sing much for them to listen. Once I started singing, though, my confidence and resiliency came right along with it. Sure I miss notes here and there, but no one’s perfect. I couldn’t even tell you what key I’m singing in, even though I can do songs in several high and low notes. There was never any training, so I’m proud to have gotten this far at all.

Met one wonderful couple that were staying in St. Augustine for the long weekend and they were enthralled at the performance over the course of the night. They have a daughter not much younger than me, and were asking all sorts of questions of how to get their little daughter to be more assertive, very much like I am when I perform. I told them there was no way. She had to do it herself.

The couple also wanted to know how-in-the-hell I stayed inside my corset with all that jumping and singing. So, I went into a very lengthy but interesting conversation about lacing and how it just works better than a sports bra and is waaaaay sexier. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing folk work out and be healthy, but sports bras never worked for me. Try fitting my heavy chest of a 36DD into a flimsy little sports bra, and I’d be hitting myself in the face with each run. I’ll take a corset, thank you.

In short, I guess singing is the way to conquer inhibitions, and the way to meet some wonderful people. We exchanged emails, the couple and I, and I think they’ll be shopping at some of my vendors for their daughter before too long. She’s a ren-geek just like me and I hope this’ll be right up her alley!

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