My Love Affair…

…with Starfire Swords.

Anyone else out there just absolutely love Zak’s work? Because I can’t get enough of it. Whenever I get to be a gazillionare, I’ll buy his whole inventory at least twice over just so I can have all the pretty blades hanging around my house. Imagine getting to pick one to accessorize with everyday. That would be amazing.

For those out of the know, Zak is the owner and blacksmith behind Starfire Swords. His work is incredible. Not only is it made here in the USA, it’s made the old fashioned way. Which is undoubtedly better than the new way. The blades are combat ready, and each one will ring when hit against any other bit of solid metal. Ring like a bell ring. Not like some faux telephone ring (annoying sound, if you ask me).

I bought my first Starfire sword, a 28″ Light Sword, back almost a decade ago. I just now retired it and put it on my wall. It’s got a nice patina, some burs that make sparks fly, and a custom wrapped handle. I would love to keep using it, but it looks awesome on my wall. To replace her, I have now a 29″ Cup-Hilt Cutlass. The brass cup around the handle is shiny, easy to polish, and the sword rings true just like any other Starfire. She’s in some of my newer pictures. The older pictures all show my Light Sword.

Best part about the blades are the lifetime guarantee. That always seals the deal for me.

I just got the Soldier a 28″ Light Sword for his 16th Century encampments and Tercio practices. He was using my old gal, but he deserves something a little more shiny. So, that was his Valentine’s day present. I couldn’t keep it from him. He was showing it off the moment he got it. Since his Tercio is more of a boy’s club, I don’t mind sending him on his way. At least the other soldiers out there don’t have it. He’s the first to get an approved blade. That gives me girlfriend points! It makes me feel good to spoil him.

Opinions? Other blade aficionados out there? And what is your ideal Valentine’s Day present to get or give?

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