…suck, even for pirates.

I don’t think I know anyone who likes Mondays. They mean a full five days until you can start playing again. Yeah, you can get little breaks at lunch and after work, but for the most part, fun activities are relegated to the weekend. Being a pirate doesn’t change that. Yeah, I can play with my sword or look at shiny baubles online during the week. But the singing, the full-blown stage combat fighting, and the drinking, don’t start until Friday night.

I think my only solace is the fact that a lot of other pirates are in the same boat as I am. We get to slave away all week, looking nothing like we do during the weekend, and most of our coworkers will never know how awesome we are with a sword. Or that we can fire a pistol with deadly accuracy.

Even the Soldier hates Mondays. His work and class schedule means Mondays aren’t so gruesome as mine, but he still hates them. I think his feelings are rooted more in the fact that we don’t get a full day off together. If I’m off, he’s at work. If he’s off, I’m at work. That’s rough. No full day to just lay about and be with each other. If we want the day together, one of us has to sacrifice a bit of our paycheck. And who can afford to do that in this economy? Not I. We manage to compensate by spending lunch hours or visiting when we can during the day, but the fact is that those little peeps of each other aren’t always enough. And the nights we get to spend together…well, they’re not long enough.

I guess I’m not the first and only person to whine about Mondays. But I do feel better knowing that I work all week just to wear leather and sexy boots on Friday night. Carrying all those weapons helps a lot too. My car is a veritable arsenal. And I dread the day I get pulled over by someone other than my local officer; someone who won’t find it funny when I answer “yes” to his question of weapons in the vehicle. Knowing my luck, that would happen on a Monday, too.

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