A Discussion…

…the Soldier and I had last night.

He broke my Ketland. My shiny, pretty, perfect Ketland. Now, before anyone gets mad, he only snapped the ramrod. While that may not seem so bad, the fact of the matter is that he broke it over a month ago. He promised me he would fix it. Well, here we are, a month later, and nothing has been done about my poor ramrod.

I didn’t think I was being rude when I’d asked him about it last night. Nor did I think he would get upset. But, he did. And his reaction of “tell me when I’ve had time” was a little harsh. I was hurt. He sat and watched the entire series of Battlestar Galactica (or whatever it is) over the past month. When in that month couldn’t he have gone to Home Depot, gotten a dowel rod, then come home to do the work on the ramrod? All he had to do was stain it and pop the brass cap back on…

I know I could’ve done it myself this whole time, but the fact that he promised me he would do it is what gets me here. And when I said for him to forget about it, that I would accomplish the repair this weekend, he got even more upset. I was trying to be understanding. I know that fixing my little ramrod isn’t more important than writing his prospectus for senior seminar; it’s not more important than patching up his living history clothes…

But a full month? I may not know a lot about Battlestar Galactica, but I’m sure that if you can watch the entire series in a month, you can find one piddly little hour to fix my ramrod! It was my birthday present for sailing’s sake!

This obviously caused a row. We sat up for an hour while I brought to his attention all of the time he wasted on YouTube and Netflix gaining every bit of information on that tv show. None of this was helpful. All he did was get grumpy and pull an attitude.  After that hour, though, he apologized and said he would get it done this weekend. I’m waiting to see if that promise gets kept.

That’s the thing: he wasn’t being malicious about my ramrod. He just forgot. And kept forgetting. If I’d broken the birthday present I’d gotten for someone, you bet my cute little butt that I’d get it fixed as soon as possible. How do you forget about that?

Grr. Soldiers.

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