…the pirate’s life:

It’s actually not a pirate’s life 24/7. My weekdays are spent very much like everyone else’s, I suppose. I work Mondays through Fridays at a computer and don’t get out very often during the work week. I have the majority of my fun during the weekend.

Friday nights: I sing adult, bawdy songs that could be classified as sea shanties. They aren’t for the prim and proper, and tend to go over well with locals and tourists alike. They appeal to the sense of humor that my guests have. Dirty, full of innuendos and euphemisms. Just what the doctor ordered after a week of polite business attire and conversation. 

Saturdays, I do one of two things: 1) Get a little slot at the local tourist hangout. Give kids a chance to touch artifacts and shiny things that the stuffy folks around town don’t always let them touch. 2) Fire cannons and work on staged combat choreography. I carry a Starfire Cutlass, and it rings like a bell when in a fight. I recently had to replace my light sword since she’s covered in metal burrs and the guard is cracked. She served me well, and I have her hanging on the wall now.

Sunday? I sleep. I sleep. And I sleep some more. If I was lucky, I spent Friday and all day Saturday poking around town as a pirate and wore myself out while trying to make a few extra dubloons.

All my earned money that doesn’t pay off the house and the car goes into traveling to faires and festivals. I’m always on the lookout for any willing to do road trips. It’s more fun than driving alone or flying. I love seeing the scenery roll by. So, any takers on meeting in Atlanta for the Georgia Renaissance Festival in April? Tickets go on sale soon…

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