…are a girl’s best friends.

With a recent birthday, I was lucky enough to get a wonderful present from the Soldier. He knows I love shiny things. And, that I prefer shiny over practical.

Well, he got me a Ketland Brass-barrelled trade pistol. As a .62 caliber pistol that reigned supreme during the Golden Age of Piracy, its not outlandish to think that someone in my trade would carry such a beautiful weapon. This is one of those presents that is both practical and shiny. Best of both worlds, in my opinion.

She fires wonderfully. I currently drop about 85 grains down the barrel without compression just to give the tourists something to gawk at in between songs. They take their pictures, ask some questions, and then I get back to singing. She’s not some little caplock, but a true flintlock or French flintlock – all of her workings are on the inside and safe from dirt and grime. Taking her apart isn’t easy, but it is rewarding to clean her up after each firing session.

On that note: there is a foam available in many commercial gunsmith or outdoor shops that will clean the black powder residue from the barrel and make your job a little easier, if you fire your own. Spray it in, let it sit for 20 minutes, and then clear the barrel with patches. I get mine from Gander Mountain. It won’t work so well for muskets, though. The spray straw isn’t long enough for anything more than a long dragoon barrel.

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