…always makes things better.

Take Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, for example. It was an amazing movie. Now, select orchestras around the globe are performing the soundtrack live while you watch the movie.

Yeah, live soundtrack to an awesome movie. It makes you tingle just to think about it. Recently, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra did just that. As part of a birthday present, I had front and center seats to watch the movie and listen to the orchestra. Now, it wasn’t like they played alongside the original score. Disney had removed the non-diegetic soundtrack! Which means your movie doesn’t have music unless the orchestra plays it. AWESOME! All the nuances of the score are larger than life, mesmerizing to watch. You almost ignore the movie… Almost.

Needless to say, this was a once-in-a-lifetime show. The movie on a big screen, full blown surround sound…

I would go on, but the truth is I would never be able to convey just how much this performance tickled my ears. The local orchestra only did a one-night stand with an afternoon and evening showing. Keep a sharp eye out and maybe it’ll head to your nearest metropolis next!

Downside: sometimes the music is so amazingly perfect and surround-sound-ish, that you can’t always hear Orlando Bloom’s dialogue. Shucks. Guess Disney knows what we all know: he’s just a pretty face and acting skills aren’t required for that. Maybe it’s not a downside after all.

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