Love Always…

…chooses the most unlikely couples. 

Even if that person is supposed to disregard you and all you represent. Even if you’re supposed to be enemies. Even if, like Romeo and Juliet, your friends and families won’t see eye to eye all the time. Maybe that’s how love is and always will be. Something beyond the thoughts and opinions of others. People don’t decide how they fall in love. They just do. They just want someone to be in love with them.

Stone walls separate us. He stands guard inside. I watch from the outside. Our lives are different. Our ideals and compasses don’t always bring us to the same heading. But, when the sun goes down and we lie next to each other, nothing is more right. Isn’t that what love is?

Who am I? I’m a pirate.

Who is he? He’s a soldier.

We come from different worlds and different views. Nothing alike and yet so apart of each other, it’s unreal. So, here I am, sharing the story. It’s far from over, and I pray that it’s never over, but if only he and I know it, what then is the point?

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